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Recent publicity regarding UKCTOCS
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MRC Media Release; 10.30 am, Tuesday 21 March 2000  Major Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening Announced

BBC News web pages; Tuesday 21 March 2000, 13:28 GMT  Cancer screening trials to begin

The Guardian; Wednesday 22 March 2000; page 7  Ovarian cancer screening on trial

The Times; Wednesday 22 March 2000; page 8 (link has expired)  British trial aims to halve ovarian cancer deaths

The Telegraph; Wednesday 22 March 2000; page 7 (link has expired)  200,000 will take part in ovarian cancer trial

The Independent; Wednesday 22 March 2000; main section, page 7  New trial on efficiency of ovarian cancer screening

The Evening Standard; Tuesday 21 March 2000  (link has expired) �20m BID TO BEAT 'SILENT KILLER'


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